“Why Jesus says, ‘Seek first the kingdom’” I ask John, a conscious young man in his 20’s , “and didn’t say ‘Seek first the King’?”

Without hesitation he quickly reply “Because it is where the King is found.”
I was surprised how he got that revelation.
Of course, The King can be found in the people He rules. He cannot be found in the people who do not respect Him as King. The people who has no king lives a life of ‘doing what is right in their own eyes.’ Eats from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, not from the tree of life.
The King, Jesus, is found in the people where His laws are obeyed. His people is not lawless. The King has laws that govern His kingdom. Many Christians believed we only have to obey two laws: love God and neighbor. If you are Australian and you come to my country and I let you drive my car, but since your country is driving on the left side of the road you ought to obey your laws there here. So here you are, in my country, driving on the left side of the road, not for long you will hear people yelling at you “Right, right, right!” And you replied to them, “love your neighbor! love God! let me drive in the left side!” Simply two laws cannot run a country.
The Kingdom, is where His domain is. The people who live the kingdom life that when people who are outside the kingdom sees them, then they will know that they have a king. They are living not as kingless people. “They must a king” when they see them “because they are not living life as they want to live and to whom they want to please.
One night I have a dream and it is like watching a movie. That there are two kingdoms: one kingdom has a king but the other one has no king. The kingdom that has no king ‘knew’ well enough that their king is still coming to reign over them. And while their king is away, they have to behave as if they have a king. And so they live.
On the kingdom that has a king, knew this other kingless kingdom and thought how vulnerable the people are. This king has a brother and at the same time his adviser. “Why don’t we entice them? Let’s invite them for a game and if they lose we make a bargain?” The king was pleased with the idea, “And what is the bargain?” the king inquired. “That we rule over them!” The brother replied.
And so it happened, the kingless people accepted the offer. At the end of the day, they lose and so submitted themselves to another king to rule over them. In the dream, I saw a platform was set up for an inauguration: the transference of their loyalty from their king who went away for awhile to king of another kingdom. The king came with his army, and the executioner. Anyone who does not submit to the king, his head will be cut off in front of the king and the people.
As I saw this scenes in my dream from a rooftop, I was in a rooftop. There was a pole with a rope, I glide myself going down and ended my foot in front of the platform. “This is not your king.” I shouted at the top of my voice, “Your King is still coming! You know better than that. Do not submit yourselves to this King!”
In my dream, I saw myself rescuing people from the executioner. I actually killed two of the kings soldier and save a couple of people from them. And so as I spake of these words to the people I pointed my finger to a house where the people I’ve rescued saying, “Let’s join them!” But the people relied, “No, that house is burning with fire.” Implying in my dream means ‘full of the holy spirit.’
But the people refuses to go inside the house. My dream ended.
Christians have accepted the game that Satan wants us to play. It is called religion. The opium for religious people. At first, they should have not accepted the offer to gain whatever that ‘other’ king has promised. They should have had continue living the life of the kingdom, behaving as if the King is present with them in the spirit which gives life – to live the kingdom life. The Holy Spirit was not given to you to do religious work. It was given for Jesus to rule over you. So, as my friend Daniel Zeigler in his ‘not-for-sale’ book Right Here Right Now he says:  Any ‘church’ that isn’t based on each member having Jesus rule in their hearts as King is not the ekklesia we read about in the New Testament. In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter if you have the most informal, friendliest, least traditional life-style of any religious assemble on earth. If the kingdom of God isn’t within you, what you have isn’t the kingdom of God.
So begin asking God for it. And position yourself to be a part of it by submitting your own heart to His reign. Then call others to do the same.
And by the way, that young man John after hearing the gospel of the kingdom message was baptized the same day, that night at 8:30.