Church doesn’t have to look like ‘church’ with a steeple, a service or someone’s preaching at the people. We have had a lot of those already around and honestly it’s enough. Enough enough that Christians can hop in to church-to-church buildings of their choice, a ‘name’ of their choice, a ‘style’ of music their choice and without forcing themselves for discipline to change their lives. Enough enough also that non-Christians aren’t willing to go in and join us. And even if some of them wants we still have enough to welcome them. Sure.

But Church can be the real you with your spouse and children sitting together on a table and enjoy each others affection and yes, on a Sunday morning. Share God’s Word as you sit, eat, walk, and lay down (Duet 6:4-6).

Or it can be a skipping of a nice meal at your favorite restaurant and use the money to be a blessing to another family who is in need of food. Or, skip a good coffee to buy a widow’s medicine sometimes would give you a better release of headache or bitterness at someone.

Or like a young guy named Albert here who took a risk to lose not having his ‘personal’ devotion every morning in order to gain a widow next door. He reads and pray together with them. That’s more like ‘relational’ discipleship than ‘personal’ one. Or a couple of orphans here who took a risk to lose their coins last night and raised $24 in order to help some widows to receive what they need today.

“Love your neighbor” is the second greatest commandment which is the same as the first commandment. (NLT)

Church is what Jesus told us to do, for all that we do inside that church building wouldn’t make us a church God wants us to be until we get out and do something for our brethren. ‘If’ worship is singing on Sunday morning then what does it do to the other person?

Oh well.