When we have a ‘schedule’ to have fellowship with other believes that means we don’t have other believers living with us everyday.

I encourage you invite others to do ‘yahshab’ to other believers than just do a quick 2-hour meeting. ‘Yahshab’ is the Hebrew word for ‘dwell together’ in Psalm 133:1, it resonates with Acts 2-4, and Luke 10. It is not a quick meeting but it is a ‘prolonged relationship’ ‘sit together’ ‘doing things together.’ It is living-out the Jesus-Life that is in you ‘with’ others who has it too.

Stay together at someone’s house for a day or two or for a week or month to a year. To learn each other how to brother and how to sister each other. Learn how to father and mother each others children. To learn how to become a family. Having a 2-hour meeting is a business meeting, not a ‘church’ meeting.

See, church is not only because we have relationships with each other, “Oh, I go to that church because I know a lot of people, I got friends there,” but because also we ‘serve one another.’ If we don’t do this then we are just like any social club. We do things together to have fun. Fun of what? Singing? Dancing? Joking around? Drinking and eating?

Our joy should be found in serving one another because that’s where our freedom can be found. In serving one another we become free. Our meetings should be meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters. My recent trip is with over 20 businessmen and woman and presidents of banks who does meetings for four years already yet their leader says to me “we are not family because we cannot even help a brother who has heart problem.”

We know how to do meetings for years. But do we know how to treat our own brothers as ‘our’ brother? Our sisters in the Lord as our ‘own’ sister?

We all say we want to be family but after a meeting we say our ‘goodbye’s’ to one another. The hand cannot say to the foot “See you next Sunday!” Oh, how exciting!!!

Many came to ‘visit’ us here and politely tell us what to do “oh you should do this and that” or “you’re good at this and that yet what you lack is this and that.” And will politely answer them all back,

“Where were you yesterday?”

And they haven’t got a clue of what I said.