“Two days we have no class.” A 6th grade boy said to us when we ask him to go to school. He likes to skip school even before he’s not with us and now that is he still does things his way. He chose to just stay home and help our plant rental community business here.

“You know when you tell the truth,” I said, “people believe in you. Right?”

“Yes” he said back.

“And when you tell a lie, they would still believe in you, right?”

“Right” he said. He simply knows the logic.

“Yes. Because they do not know that you are lying.” I said. “But when you start telling lies and then you tell them the truth later, would they believe in you?”

“No” he said straight.


“I don’t know” he replied.

I have to repeat it 3 times, a need for him to understand why is important. He keeps saying “I don’t know.” At he finally understood,

“No. Because they know you’re a liar!”

We all laugh out loud by the way he said it. The moment a person, as young as he is wanting to start using his right, give him some responsibility. They go together, plus accountability. No short cut.

This is important when you start fathering and mothering your next generation. This boy doesn’t want to go home because he felt his mom doesn’t like him. In front of his friends his mom would say to him “he’s not my favourite son.” Imagine how low his self-esteem is. He has no father. So he wants to wrestle with Albert, tickle him before he wants to obey anything what Albert would like him to do.

“How to father someone, Molong?” Someone ask me here as they observe what we do.

“Simple.” I said back, “just ask yourself one question whenever you want to teach or correct him, “if he (she) is my own child/son (daughter) how would I talk to him? How would I treat him? How would I rebuke him or discipline him?”

No wonder Paul says to Timothy “He who manage his own children well can manage the household of God.” Simply put, church is family, having dads and moms and childrens and sons and daughters. Too much fatherless generation we have here and Jesus knew this then before this would happen so he said “I shall not leave you as orphans.” Means, He knows our need of fathers and mothers. And He Himself became a father to us all.

Today, we have so many christian ‘spiritual orphans’ roaming around churches. They are not looking for a good church service or programs they can attend. Yours and mine are the best in town and yet they still are hopping from church to church. They also are not looking for good pastors and teachers etc. Yours and mine leaders are the best too. However, What they are looking at are people who would treat them as sons and daughters in the Lord. People who could raise them up to be sons and daughters of God. They want a ‘father and mother in the Lord.” Eph.6:1

Leaders aren’t naturally fathers. John Maxwell is famous for his leadership style all over the world but he is obviously not a father to many. Fathers are naturally leaders. But no one calls them a ‘leader’ of your family. They will be called a ‘father’ of your family. That’s why we don’t ‘train’ leaders, Jesus didn’t do that. He develops servants. From servant-child to a son then becomes a father themselves (1John2). Fathering their next generation.

How we lost this aspect of leading like a father. ‘Like a father leads his children. Like a shepherd leads his flock. The Lord will always guide us and show us where to walk.’ Today, we copied our best leadership pattern from the world and so the church have so much lackness of people who are ‘serving their next generation.’

Below is the letter this boy has made himself for her mom that makes it appear it comes from his teacher. Look how not only that it’s funny but obviously he lied as well.