“Do what you are told to do, not what you want to do.”

A lesson from Maron Ghislain, that when his wife arrives with some bags of groceries in her hand her child wanted to help carry a bag but her mom told her to clean up her toys instead from the stairs yet her child insist that she could carry a bag. They both close to have an accident because the toys are on the way blocking them.

“God must be telling something here.” Ghislain thought. And God starts talking to him:

“In the same way, do what you are told to do, not what you want to do.” God said to him.

Isn’t it a good picture of many Christians? Wanting to do our own way and thought we are obeying? With all the good intentions of ‘helping’ God’s work no wonder that even if ‘His’ church is messy we still blame ourselves. Somehow somewhere we knew that’s it’s our fault, not God’s.

“Seeking the kingdom first” in your family is asking a question “what does it look like in my home, with my wife and kids?”

Answer: obedience.

The first house rules in the house of God is obedience and it must start in our families.

A simple life story like this could teach us about obedience. This is his story, what is yours?