“I have started doing that.” Peter affirmed me when I said that seeing his mother at his house is God’s Will. Peter and I have been discussing the other day about hearing God’s voice. And when he learned about some simple steps or ideas “how” he simply took it with him and do it.

That day when I visited his wife Nelia, she was sick. I was suppose to invite Peter to come to my house but instead he informed me that his wife is sick and in need of medicines. I am the one closer to the pharmacy’s compared to Peter’s house up in the mountains. I grab my bike, get the medicines and went to see him and his wife.

As we sat and down and chat his mother came and visited also his wife. “Hi Nanay, good to see you.” I said. “What made you come here?” I ask.

“I was supose to go somewhere and along the way I received a message that Peter’s wife is sick so I decide to come here directly.” She answered.

“No plans to come here?” I double check.

“Yes.” She affirmed.

“Because I didn’t plan to come here too!” I exclaimed, “yet, we are here together at your son’s house! How exciting!”

I must be hearing God. “Last night I thought about you.” I said “and now we are here. It’s been a while since we last saw each other’s faces.” Last time, is when we built her a new toilet. For over 50 plus years the family had never had a toilet that has a bowl and a roof. They normally do it in the bush.

“Why are we here?” She ask.

“Last night, as I was thinking about who is the person to receive a percent from our community-based business that’s when I think about you. It must be the Lord has remijder of you!” I said. “Imagine, two of us has no plans to come to Peter’s house and yet here we are. This must be from the Lord.

“Am I right that you are adopting two kids and send them school?”

“Yes.”she answered.

“For long now?”

“Too long. Since they were little.” She said in a soft voice.

“From now on you will receive something from us, the Church that meets in my house in Liloan.” I said. “We have some business that’s shared responsibilities, shared benefits and shared profits. And when everyone gets their share each will ‘lay down at the apostle’s feet’ for the apostolic work. The Lord has you in His mind.”

I handed her a $10 and she said “Oh thank you. I work all week but I never had some earnings.”

“Really? What did you do?”

“Cooking some sticky rice and sell it to the neighbourhood.” She said.

“I see. Can I get that $10 back?”

“What?” She gave it back to me.

“Here’s $20.” I handed it to her. She took it with a smile.

This is a short story. A story is meant to be detailed to show a picture. It’s not meant to be proud of. There’s more to this story.

“This kind of happenings Peter should be daily. Our daily-life- together with Jesus as His follower.” I said this to him as we sat on the table. “It’s when we know of what we hear or feel or think is from God. If it will happen the next day then we will know.”

That’s when Peter said, “When you shared about how you hear God’s voice I started practicing it.”

(For my next article on hearing God I will share what I shared to Peter and others on how to hear God’s voice.”