“Wait a minute,” this new-found friend named Tony interrupted me as I was sharing my story, “when you say ‘God told me’ did you really hear His voice?”

Many eof us are having a hard time hearing God. We ask questions like “how would I know that what I’ve heard is of God?” This time, I’m not talking as an expert of this but as one like you – still practicing into perfection to know God more. “Knowing” God and His voice is the most important part of our growth in Christ. Being a follower is a daily task because we follow Jesus everyday, not just every Sunday. Oh what a joy to be able to hear and obey Him! Why? When you hear Him, you can’t miss!

Three stages of growth that is found in 1 John 2. And each stages has challenges. For a child, his challenge is to overcome sin. When a child becomes a son, his challenge is to overcome the devil. And when he becomes a father, he has the most challenging of all challenge: to know the Father.

So how would I challenge someone to start hearing God? Here’s what you can do: Have a record book, every night you asking God, for example, “Lord, i want to give a kilo of banana tomorrow. Who do you think I should give this to?” And whoever the Lord will put you in remembrance write it down Like this. Today is November 5: Give a kilo of banana to Susan, a widow next door. The next day in the morning you will expect God will lead you. Psalm 5:3 says “Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to You and wait expectantly.” Many of us prayed a prayer at night and in the morning we forgot what we’ve prayed for! So nothing happened because we don’t expect anything will happen.

So you went to Susan’s house with a banana that day and hand it to her, “Hi Susan, the Lord has you in His mind last night so i came with a kilo of banana!” And if Susan wouldn’t make a good comment then guess you just have to forget what you’ve heard last night. Put “X” next to what you’ve written. But if Susan would say a good comment saying “Oh it’s been a while that I’ve longed to eat some bananas and guess what? You came!”

Do you think that’s a sort of confirmation? Would you consider putting a check “mark” next to what you’ve written last night?

I would.

(If you think you didn’t feel you hear anything from the Lord, maybe that night GOD will give you a dream who. It’s called ‘navigational’ dream. We have these kinds of dreams many many times here in my community)

How about a kilo of rice the next day? A bag of noodles? A pair of your old shoes? Surely it won’t “hurt” you even if you miss it right?

“But why you gave an idea Molong on what to give?” You make ask. Well, many of us wanted to start hearing God “fully” and we’re having a hard time. Why not half way through it? Give yourself or God an idea. Say “Lord, I may not be that good of hearing you from ‘start to finish’ like ‘wake up’ and you woke up. ‘Go to your kitchen’ God said and you went to your kitchen. ‘Open the fridge’ He said. And you open the fridge. ‘Get 3 piece of cake’ and you obeyed slicing 3. ‘Now get out’ God continued. ‘Walk up to the 4th street corner’ and you go on. ‘Ophs, now stop’ God said. ‘Knock on the 3rd door of the building and give that cake.’ Boom! A mother needs some food for her daughter but she got no money and she prayed that someone would help her and that is you!”

Sounds so good and so detailed right? I wish, we wish we can hear God that good. Oh surely we can be but we need to practice. Jesus says that we as His family will “hear God’s Word and put it into practice.” So to check some things in our house to be given away would be a good start to practice. You got extra tunic? Shoes? Bags? How about kitchen utensils you hardly use or extra? A dress or pants? A book? School books? A lampshade? Slippers and thongs? Wrist watch? A sack of rice? Carpentry tools?

Have I given you an idea? Yes. Exactly. Why not? Why not use these extra stuff you have not just to give away but also for you to practice hearing God? Got 10 extra shirt? That’s 10 days practicing! The person might be saying, “I badly needed a shirt but can’t afford it. So I thank God for you giving one for me!” Wow! Is that a check for your notebook?

There are 365 days a year. How about for a year you can have just 100 days of check and 265 wrong. Is that bad? Man, you’ve heard God 100 days! Maybe next year 200 days. Is that bad at all? Surely when you reach enough days of check you will be able to start hearing God from ‘start to finish.’

Using what needs to get rid of in your house to practice hearing God is not bad at all. Surely it won’t hurt you. It actually helps you to get rid of your selfishness and greediness. To get rid of your selfishness, serve. To get rid of your greediness, give.

“For as many as are led by the spirit of God, these are sons of God.” Romans 8:14. This is what matures the disciple of Jesus. In Christianity, how easy it is to be mature: been a Christian for 20 years, faithful in going to church, have a choir ministry, have read the bible 10 times, 200 memory verses, etc. All are but a borrowed words of proof of maturity from someone’s book! Whereas a record of your own experiences of how you hear God none can refute it!

Lastly, don’t be childish when you want to hear God. Many heard “My child, I love you. I died for you. You are the apple of my eye. I have love you with an everlasting love. Blah blah blah.” Oh yeah? Sure. Go ahead. Nothing wrong with that. Or like my 3year old daughter saying “God told me I’m so cute” when I started teaching her about prayer that it’s not just talking but also listening to what He would tell her to “do.” Please hear based on Jesus’ commands to ‘teach them to obey.’ Hear to obey something. Not to affirm you. Be done with elementary teachings. Stop being childish. Grow up as a son or a daughter then to become a father or mother. Stop being lambs to be feed. Start being a sheep. “A sheep hear His voice.” John 10.

“How to know it is from God?” Someone ask me.

Because I am seeking the kingdom. When we are seeking something and when you find it you will know that what you’ve found is what you are seeking for. For a simple example, when I ask God for a computer set I felt God speaking to me “give what’s valuable for you.” At that time it’s my Yamaha guitar. Days passed, someone from other province came to my house and uses my guitar as he sang some worship songs. Then he said, “I have prayed for this kind of guitar for so long.” That’s when I knew that what I heard from God is authentic. To cut the story short, I gave my guitar to him and days passed a lady bought me a set of computer. It’s not about the computer or guitar. It’s about obedience.

So how did I answer Tony’s question when he ask “did you really hear God’s voice when you said ‘God told me?'”

“Tony,” I said. “Do you know what’s your problem?”

“What?” he replied with a question.

“It is me who heard it, not you.”

We all have a good laugh and started sharing what I just shared to you now.