Subject: Fwd: Good News from a Friend

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From: Steve Hill

Subject: Fwd: Good News from a Friend

Date: August 10, 2017 at 7:07:32 AM EDT

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Hi Folks

We have been friends with Molong for several years now.  He is making disciples in his native Phillipines and facing the challenges of helping the poor who often do not have enough land around their rented homes for a garden.  So….

Enter the plastic barrel garden!  It has a central pipe into which vegetable waste is put to compost. Worms are placed in this to produce their waste which is called vermicast.  Vermicast is the best soil and commands a good price when sold.   A bowl at the bottom of this pipe catches the vermicast and also “compost tea” which is water that has percolated through the compost and used to fertilize the growing vegetables.

The barrels along with soil and worms are given free to the families.  They will plant, harvest, eat the veggies and feed the worms.

Once a month the team goes back to the family to harvest the vermicast to sell it to pay for the barrels and to generate the funds to give barrels and worms to new families.  Everyone works and everyone wins!

Micro projects making macro differences in people’s lives

Your brother