Many of us are having a hard time obeying God not because we’re not willing to do them but because we’re not willing to leave behind what He wants us to leave.

We just loved to “add” His stuff to what we already have, therefore “subtract.” I told a friend who’s a bishop in his own organisation that I was a bishop too because I did the same as what he did – registered at Security Exchange Commission. This is when he wants me to become a ‘bishop’ by him and other bishops to lay their hands on me, and yes, pay him 15,000 pesos ($300). “You can use that back (mean my certificate from SEC) and just mix all you know to find your niche in the ministry” he said. As I thought about it and shared it to Albert, Albert said back “but it’s not kingdom.” Albert is exactly right. Albert who’s only 8years of being a disciple and without a traditional background of church and never been to traditional church meetings understood well enough what is kingdom and what is not. The kingdom of God has its own ways of doing things and our opinion is not invited. We are only to do what we are told to do, not what we want to do.

As disciples, the first call is to “deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Me” to “lay down your life for the sake of others” to “not think of yourself more highly than you ought.” That’s not a lot of “doing things successfully” but a lot of “loosing” and “dying to ourself.” “He who wants to save his life shall lose it. He who wants to lose his life shall save it.” And dying simply means to “not do anything until God tells you to do something.” For it is in our “dying daily” that He is most glorified in us. We are called to be more righteous than religious. To be transformed by the image of His Son than to being conformed to the patterns of this world.

So next time, if there is something that the King wanted you to do, the first thing that you must do is ask yourself: “Now, what can I stop doing in order for me to start doing what He ask me to do?”

When God wants us to “cleave” to something, that always requires “leaving” something as well.

Don’t be like Jonathan, who makes a covenant to David yet didn’t “uncovenant” with Saul. That put his own life to risk and finally lose it. And that’s always the case for someone who has two masters.