A quick summary of what Life is in the early church, it is where Christians lived together ‘from house to house,’ sharing everything in common (except our wives and money – money is always sacrificial giving and voluntary), no buying and no selling, they only give and receive each other. It is not so much a location, but a ‘spirit’ of making disciples going on in the area. It’s a kind of like living the life of the ‘early church’ in the book of Acts 2:42-46. It is an apostolic pattern!

If the early church lived today and had a ‘facebook group account’ for us to give our opinion as we read how they lived their life-together as a family many would click ‘like’ that’s for sure. But at the same time I believe many who would say, “Well, that’s pretty good brethren but that can’t be done now a days.” Or, “we don’t have to follow that. I don’t think it will work here.”

They claim to follow their way of doing church (simple, organic house churches) but fail to follow the way they live with one another! They live Jesus-Life Together as a Family and one community. Unlike most Christians today live their individual lives in isolation. No wonder at the end of the day inspite of how clever we are doing church life it still doesn’t make sense.

My friend, ‘they went from house to house’ is only a by-product of their obedience to their King corporately as a body. Take note that ‘they continue in apostolic doctrine and in prayers’ comes in first before ‘from house to house.’ It’s a package deal, not picking what we like with our lives.