Jesus is crazy, that is why He changed the world.

Is this how you live? Is this how you think?
3….and so on.
Many people, and unfortunately religious Christians have made their lives into a box-shape world. And for them this is ‘normal’ whose lives are run by steps and so frustrate when expectations doesn’t meet. Unfortunately, we brought this kind of living in the Christian world. We have steps and rules to live by or else our Christian life would be in jeopardy. Our devotional life is run by P.R.A.Y, (pray, read, adoration, ?). Our church meetings is lead by J.O.Y (Jesus, Others, Yourself). Our church planting is inspired by M.A.W.L. (Model, assist, watch, leave), and discipleship is designed band many many more of this ‘normal understandable’ way of living and doing things. The question is, where does this life-living and life-thinking originates from? We read it in books, we heard them in sermons, we are taught by them in Conferences. I’ll be blunt, it comes from a western thinking. This includes all the ‘specialized ministries’ – feeding, orphanage, crusades, etc, all came from the west.
It’s just funny sometime when you hear them taking the blame of most Christianity’s problem and yet at the same time offer a solution. How can the very problem can offer a solution?
Good books, good speakers, good words but after all the question remains: how? Is what mostly are my struggles with Western concept and ideas and methods and strategies.
But let’s have a look how Jesus lives His life.
One time He said to His mother that His hour has not yet come yet He performed a miracle in Cana. Another time He said the same yet after a second He went to Jerusalem. One time He healed a blind man with just a word, another time He healed by putting a mud! One night He ask His disciples “where is your faith?” in the middle of the storm, sounds crazy? He raised the dead and drove out demons. One night He ask a leader to be born again, the man is confused. Herod ask Him questions “what is truth?” That gives Him the priveledge to answer but He kept silent. He makes people upset,curious, confused, hate Him, loved Him, angry at Him, jealous, disappointed, – He makes men crazy by the way he lives therefore He change the world.
If people understands you, then you have no capacity to change their lives. Means, you’re the same as they are. No difference. How can you change them when the way you think is exactly the same way as they think? If we think the same, then none of us can execute change.
If we act the same, then who can do things differently? Only crazy people can change this crazy world that we live in.