“I just want to find out so I want to ask about what you’re doing regarding making disciples in Cebu. Now that it has reached up to the 14th degree in 4 years time, what is the biggest obstacle that you encountered?”

In front of some pastors and saints at the house, my host Joey ask me this question while I share our journey in making disciples.

“Me.” I answered. “Four years ago as I sat at KFC fast food meeting a friend for a purpose of making him into a disciple of Jesus I ask God, ‘”How to make disciples?” And to my surprise I heard the Lord said back to me, “Think like an unbeliever.” That’s all I heard.

“What kind of answer was that? How in the world ‘think like an unbeliever’ would let me make someone a disciple?” These are my thoughts as I meditate on what Jesus has just told me.

“Is that what you mean when you said earlier that you don’t use words and terminology that’s foreign to an unbeliever?” Joey interrupted while others eagerly listens.

“Exactly.” I said, “If the commands to make disciples it to the lost then we should learn how to think like them.” When we think the way they think we should be able to answer them in their level of thinking. For example, instead we use the term “repentance” we instead use the word “leave your sin” or “stop sinning.” The word “repentance” is being used by Jesus for a bigger “crowd” and not “individuals.” Whenever Jesus makes disciples to individuals He normally “simplify” so as not to explain more deeper. Of course, as both of you, the disciple-maker and him will start living-Jesus-life together everyday you explain more deeper of the meaning of it. The reason why we seem to be in a hurry explaining more in details as we make people disciples because we do not have relationships with them, and after he decides to follow Christ we lock them up in the four corners of the church building doing meetings instead of living life daily “from house to house.”

“Think like an unbeliever.”

“Sit in a smoking area.”

Ask yourself, “How does an unbeliever respond if I will say this to him?”

When Joey and his friends of pastors still didn’t get what i mean, I offered to make them disciples as a demo for them, “How about I will make you into disciples of Jesus?” They agree.

“But, one thing I will ask from you first, think yourself as a non-believer. Ok?” They agreed.

“I will make you a disciple.” I started.

“Your disciple?” one pastor replied immediately.

Everyone burst into laughter. I do also. Knowing what thinking he uses.

“Did you answer that using a non-believers thinking?” I ask the pastor.

“No.” He admit. Everyone nodded their head.

“If a non-believer would answer what would he say?” I ask

He would say, “what is that?” one offers to answer me.

“Exactly right.” I said, “all of those we made says exactly the same words.”

I went on making them into disciples, they didn’t hit every thought of how a non-believing person responds to making disciples, except one.

“If you’re dead with your sin, what will we do with dead people?” I ask as I continue.

“Bury!?” They all said.

“You all got it. That’s the only question that a non-believer knows what to answer.”

We already presume some answers to our questions from “our” perspective when we normally share the gospel to someone. Try it from their perspective. Find out and you will find how easy it is to make disciples to someone.