She’s was born 1930, and she was 28yo when Billy Graham did a Tent Crusade in my province, Cebu, in 1958. When the meeting was done she waited until thousands of people squeezing in that one door of the tent to get out. She is the last person who got out of that tent and when Billy approach her she said “Oh, this is the man who preached” recognising him face to face. “I’m going to give this Bible to you” Billy says to her as he signs his signature. That was her first encounter with the Lord.
Back when she was 32yo doctor puts a limit on her life. She can’t walk, she cannot see. No wonder she hardly recognise Billy’s face. The man has to come closer. She loves her children dearly, but mostly she loves to preach the Good News to everyone. “Whenever I look at people’s faces in the street I could see problems in their life and that I needed to preach to them” she shares her journey last night at my house. “And when I cannot share I felt wasted. And so anyone who comes closer to me I always share the gospel.” 

She loves to go from house to house sharing the gospel. If she hires a carpenter she shares the gospel. If she’s on a taxi she she shares the Goodness of the Lord to the driver. If she’s at the hospital she makes sure every nurse and doctor hears her speaks God’s Word. She gave a lot of Bibles away, I mean a lot. She gave christian books away too.

She sends young children to school, kids not her own. She sends some to Bible school and they became pastors. Mostly, she’s a giver, of anything she can to help someone. She adopted orphans and take care of widows in her circle of influence.

She help started and develop churches around. Helped them with building materials, clothing, money, land, and even one of the founders of a church denomination here.

She serves everyone in the Body of Christ from the least to the greatest.

She’s a mother in the Lord to many, including me. She’s an encourager, a prayer ‘warrior’ they say. It’s her joy to hear God’s voice.

She’s been to a lot of life’s hardships. She fought well though. And she keeps fighting still. She’s walking literally in the valley of death but she fears no evil.

When her doctor puts a limit on her starting at age 32, she doubled it and more. She is now 87!!!!

Imagine, she’s a Billy Graham’s fruit in 1958, and I am one of her fruits in 1991. And still both of us are bearing more fruits – that will last.

The Bible from him to her is sixty-year old already. Mommy Sunny and I knew for 27years already so I’m a witness myself of her life’s journey.

A tribute to Billy Graham’s legacy.