Heard today that a pastor stops doing fb live preaching on Sunday’s for his members since the lockdown simply because the church he was hired to only preach on Sunday’s can’t give him his honorarium rate anymore due to low of church funds. Poor members who depend so much on their leader to feed them God’s Word. And poor guy his motive was exposed. Instead of using his calling to serve people it became a profession to make a living.

If this is the case in times like this then the shaking has come upon the church. Now members who depend on their church programs and leadership in order to serve God does not know how to serve God outside of it. And leaders who depend on their members givings to live will have a hard time surviving. Many churches will be closed down in the coming months not only that members aren’t giving as usual anymore as they have delayed bills to pay and most have no work anymore but also they expect that it’s time for their church to help them! Either this scenario would happen or two churches would merge to survive. Divide the tithe in half then later when things cool down and back to normal they can separate. In New Zealand only 10 persons allowed to gather for worship. In my country? Three. For how long? If 10 or 3 then what will be the use of our massive church buildings? Most churches in my country are only renting a space for worship purposes. They’re the ones who will be hit the hardest.

I suggest to pastors that instead of preaching the same style on Sunday’s, just on fb live with empty chairs, they can encourage their members to do this instead: give the fathers of their families instructions on how to do church in the house via fb live. It’s time to be responsible for our own spiritual life, that’s either growth or stagnancy. It’s time to find new ways of doing and being church. Let’s stop thinking that this is the end of world or this is great persecution just because our government is shutting down our churches. That’s non-sense. Go to China as it has been long they’ve been persecuted and even killed! It ended their life but it didn’t end our world. The timeline is not this pandemic or earthquakes etc, but when the gospel of The kingdom of God will be preach to all nations, that’s the time-line. This pandemic is just a plague that Jesus said. Sooner or later this will end. But let’s not be lousy as Christians by reacting to it and ignore some challenges to change our ways of doing church. Let us see the possibility of doing church differently now. Each father can be a pastor to his family. Why not?

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