Time is 7:21 p.m.

“Hi Sonia, please come in.”

As Lisa opened the door and greeted her new friend who’s a single mother of two children.

“How are you and your kids?” asked Lisa.

“A little bit busy and fussy.” Sonia answered with a meek voice. “This older one,” [scratching her son’s head] “is ready to go to school but my other boy will continue his medication to minimize convulsion.”

Sonia’s husband has just died in an accident, they have two children, the younger had an epilepsy so when Lisa heard what had happened she began to be friend her and invited her for dinner.

It was Sunday when a couple of Christian friends decided to bring their own food and have dinner in the house of Brother Molong. They agreed also to bring some of their colleagues and neighbors and friends. First who showed up in the meeting was Sonia, she is uninformed about the said eating but was invited by Lisa after knowing her urgent need of comfort.

Beside them, a sister in the Lord named Nikki came with her Christian friend Sister Wilsa. They worked in one of the big companies in the city of Lapu-lapu.

A friend Brother Darbie soon arrived with a bag of food in his hand; with him were two street people, Richard and Michael. He will pass them by when there is meeting in any house. They have these kinds of meeting everyday, anywhere at anytime with different people and from house to house.

Seconds passed, Brother Gary came with Sister Maricar. With them is a street couple, Jocelyn and Ken with their baby. Along with their families – Tatay Gamay and Nanay Celia, Jocelyn’s parents and her two brothers, Roel and Weng-weng.

And lastly, came Sister Christine straight from her work. She brought with her toys and foods for kids, and clothing’s to be given away.

All in all the people having a sort of a party is 20. Three couples, eleven singles – men and women, one widow, and three children. And by the way, there’s one more, a 6-month old baby inside Jocelyn’s womb.

“Okay, everyone can take their seats in the table now.” As Brother Molong the host announces.

As they all sat, Brother Darbie presented himself to give thanks for the food and later on announces that he is already engaged. They all rejoiced and congratulate him.

“Soon he will become a ‘good’ man.” Molong said.

“Good because the Bible says that, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’” Everyone laughed as they nodded their heads hearing Molong’s words.

“Marriage day is the day you’ll going to be with someone you love forever. And how happy it is to marry someone you love” Molong shared and continue. “And marriage too is God’s expression of His gift that is given to you through her.”

“Tell me Brother, how is it like being married?” Brother Darbie asks Molong.

“We’ll, they say marriage is a mystery and will always be like that.”

“That’s weird, that means I’ll be living with someone who’s completely strange?” Brother Darbie laughs as he comments.

“Maybe,” Molong says, “but I think if communication lines are open and secrets revealed it’s not anymore a mystery but ecstasy. Let me share to you what Mr. Harold Sala, an expert in marriage said, ‘Communication is vital in any relationship especially between spouses. It is the most difficult quality to develop and therefore must be given time and space between husband and wife.”

“But most,” he continued “If we follow the ‘rules’ of a Christian home in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and Colossians we will have a better family in the coming years.”

Brother Darbie listened intently as Brother Molong shared some verses with him from the Bible.

In the opposite end of the table was Sister Wilsa ministering to Sister Jocelyn and Sonia. They talked and shared each other’s feelings especially their present situation and then prayed for both of them.

“What?” Nikki’s eyes opened wide while conversing with Ken. “You just killed three people at the age of sixteen?”

“Yes,” answered Ken. “And I just spent three years in prison.”

Ken is a silent type of person. He just nods his head whatsoever you share with him but now he talks. They continued discussing about what happened to Ken those years.

“So, how did you changed?” Nikki asked.

Ken replied that ever since he joined in gatherings such as this, his life was changed.

In the middle of the conversation of Brother Gary, Richard and Michael, Sister Maricar interrupted and asked, “How did you guys met?” Where do you come from? Do you have families?”

“Yes, we have families,” Richard replied in anger, “but they’ve abandoned us! And I always blamed God for it!”

“Is that good?” Gary questioned.

“Well, I know it’s not good but I always will.” He said.

“Why, what has happened to your family?” Maricar asked Richard.

“My mom and dad left me. My Dad died when I was eight, I am 25 now, and my Mom left me to find another man to be with. I am their only child.” And he began cursing his Mom and praised his Dad’s goodness in the past.

“You know what? God has a planned for you because despite everything that happened, you’re still here and alive.”

“Yah, that’s true.” Michael agrees.

“The Bible says,” Maricar added, ‘Though my father and my mother forsake me the Lord will receive me.’”

“Why don’t you guys consider us as your new friends? Come and join us here in Brother Molong’s house. Brother Darbie will also be happy to have you.” Gary excitingly said.

They all enjoyed eating and sharing, and getting to know each other. Some laughed on jokes, some cried while they get prayed and some expressed their hatred and anger as they shared their burdens with their parents, brothers and friends. What a fellowship there was, shame was gone, transparency was present, behavior exposed and intimacy was shared. And suddenly…


Screaming and shouting from the kids. They ran to their mothers except one. A boy struggling to breathe and bubbles came out from his mouth. It’s Sonia’s epileptic child.

Brother Molong and some of the brethren got up rebuke and prayed for the boy while others are praying in their seats. And after a few seconds the boy got back to normal. They returned to their seats and Sister Christine brought some toys and began to distribute it to the children. She joined with them too in sharing stories.

“Before we go to the distribution of gifts,” As Brother Molong announced, “let us have Tatay Gamay share to us what he noticed in our fellowship.”

“Since I joined eating here,” Tatay says while every one laughs, “I collected more cartoons to be sold.”

Selling cartoons is their way of living. At this time he accepts that he needs to change. Brother Gary leads him in a sinner’s prayer at the corner. After that, Wengweng asked if he could sing the song that he just made. It’s a Tagalog song, and while he sang everyone listens. Brother Molong and Sister Nikki were crying while listening. If you knew him, you would have cried also for he is a drug addict and got overdose. The experience made him unable to speak clearly. But now despite of this, he sings with all confidence in front of them.

These all happened in the table while enjoying their meal. They ended up praying for each other and distributing some clothing’s especially for those who are in need. And they encourage financial offerings to be made and gave some to Sonia to help her buy some food and medicines for her child since she’s still recovering from her husband’s death.

And one by one as they felt the need to go home said ‘goodbyes and goodnights.’

The next meeting will be in the house of Brother Gary just right in the next Barangay. And the time of their ‘meating’, that means they meet to eat is at lunch time, the next day.

Time is 9:46 p.m.


14 responses

11 06 2009
Dominique J. Nacua

This has been amazingly wonderful!!!

21 06 2009
enoch rull


4 07 2009
Tere Tee

Hi Molong, this is one of the first articles on house church I’ve read a few years ago. I translated it in Tagalog and shared it with some friends. One of them said, “Oh, why didn’t anybody tell us before that it’s (church is) this simple?”

5 07 2009

Tere, wow. I am glad that you did translate it into Tagalog. I never expected that someone would did it for me. Their response,

“One of them said, “Oh, why didn’t anybody tell us before that it’s (church is) this simple?'”

Is the same when I shared this to two ladies at McDonald. They said, “Wow, it’s just like what we’re doing now!” I said, “Yes, just like Jesus in Matthews house, Zaccheus house and Simon the pharisees house.”

19 07 2009
enoch rull

maganda po na mai translate itong articles na ito in tagalog, at maging wake up call sa mga tao na nais mag umpisa ng house church, at makita natin ang practicallity and most of all ang pagiging biblical nito maging sa ating kapanahunan, nasa transition period ng aking hinahawakang iglesya at naniniwala ako na magkakaroon ng malaking pag babago ang takbo ng bawat iglesya sa pamamagitan ng mga tao na binigyan ng biyaya ng Dios na makaunawa at maliwanagan sa pamamagitan ng Espiritu Santo!

more power sa pinag sanib na pwersa ng mga kapatid nating ito…….ate tere at pareng molong!

God bless you!

11 09 2009
SAM Fernandez

With God, nothing is really impossible. As the Lord has said: “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I will be in their midst.” More power to all of you and May the Lord’s bounty of Blessings Be Upon You All!!!

29 10 2010
Lindsay Cofield

Molong….the same Spirit is leading you and me and many others…I’m glad to call you my brother…..i will see you in heaven….keep multiplying with HIM!

21 11 2012
isaac & Emily

Dear beloved

How interesting that I should come across your website and that you & other beloved brethren are dwelling in togetherness. I bless the name of the Lord for what you are doing in the body of Christ. It is wonderful to see men and women of God stand firm in faith and declare the message of Jesus Christ.

My name is Isaac married to Emily. We are working in the body of Christ by Church us Family network New Testament Church relationship in Kenya East Africa. I was greatly touched and ministered to when I came a cross your Ministry page. God bless you greatly for obeying his Voice to minister this kind of healing to the Body of Christ.

Please I request you if you know anybody who can be able to sponsor our orphan children this is a biggest burden they are going through at the moment. We currently do not have anybody who is sponsoring the orphanage.

The orphanage started After the 2007–2008 Kenyan crisis whereby we lost most of our brothers and sisters within our fellowship network. Most of them were the people we had a deep connection to in our hearts and traveled together to share the life of Jesus together. But because of the tribal clashes during this crisis we have lost our brothers and sisters and they left their children orphans. That is why we are having orphan children with us at our home. So please if you know anybody who will be interested in helping us, we will appreciate so much

I want to encourage you both to continue to re-discover your true identities and walk this earth reflecting the Love of Christ. Life is but a journey…. that leads us back into the Father heart of God. Don’t let religious concepts stand in the way of TRUTH…. for the doctrine of men only lead to certain death but relationship with the Father leads to a NEW & LIVING way. Jesus said ” my words are SPIRIT & LIFE ” Let the Spirit guide and teach you in all HIS ways. The world is looking for something….. we have what they are looking for. I’m not talking about getting them “saved” no, no, no, but rather they have an encounter with the ONE who Loves them from before the foundations of this known world. That of course is the Christ in us ! ( not just us but to every person on this earth who is born of a woman ) There are no laws, rules, or regulations to follow for it is written on our hearts. Jesus came to set us free from the law of sin & death. Beloved you are FREE indeed.

Would you please pray with us about the possibility of Coming to Africa some day if the Lord allows and may be do some ministry in this area? We have several Church us Family New Testament Church relationship in Kenya pray that one day the lord may send you to come and strengthen our Family relationship with what God has put in you for the glory of the body of Christ. Please pray and see if the Lord leads. My heart has been to unite the friends and families for the love of Christ, as the bible says in Luke 10. I believe the dream of Jesus as in John 17 was to see the strong relationship united and show the world that we are one..

May God bless you as we continue praying for you and looking forward to hearing from you.

God bless you and keep you.

Yours in Christ.
Isaac & Emily

18 08 2013
Ed Palmes

Thanks for that testimonies in the housechurch. . .Im learning how to conduct a simple church thanks Bro Molong & company keep up the good work!. .God bless you all. . I hope to see u soon!. .

6 10 2013

tHANKS for being faithful to the LOrd Jesus for not building a denomination.Just build the body of Christ in REgion 7 and will do our part here in Region 6. If you have time come and visit us here in Dumangas, Iloilo my cell no. is 09303273337 thanks

18 05 2014
Sam Alex N. Magogo

I am founder Director of a community based Discipleship, Church Planting , and Bible Training Organization called Divine Harvest Missions Network, registered and operating in Uganda, East -Africa and I am a member of Simple Churches.

My desire is to know more about your Discipleship Movement in Philippines and if possible establish closer work relationship as regards Discipleship Movement in Uganda for the glory of the Lord.

yours in Christ
Pastor Sam Alex N,Magogo

10 04 2015
John Paul De La Cruz

Hi Molong,

I am glad I came across your website as I have been continuously looking for a habitat where I can grow as a follower of Jesus in an organic way. I decided to move-out of the institutional church way back 2013 never did I look back. My life right now focus on fulfilling the eternal purpose of God which Frank Viola, Milt Rogriguez and several others speak about. I really long for a shared-life community but have not seen any. I live in Cavite and I am really eager to know if there is an existing local chuch here which you know?

Thank you so much.

In Christ,


10 04 2015

Hi John.
I have baptized a lady and his father in Cavite. I let her be-friend you in fb. Her name is Karla Leandra Vargas. She’s working in a call center company.

10 04 2015

You can start ‘seeking the Kingdom’. Find out what it is. Search “the kingdom manifesto” by Wolfgang Simson. Download it. It’s free for any kindle or iBooks apps.

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