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19 07 2009
enoch rull

thanks for putting my site here in your website….God bless You bro!

18 02 2011
Ed Palmes

Thank you LOrd for your website! Ive been looking for local connection about simple church. I ED Palmes of Shekinah REvival Ministries of Dumangas, ILoilo and I feel that I am isolated from the traditional churches & pastors in our town. Thank you for your website! God bless your ministry.

21 11 2012
isaac & Emily

Dear Beloved

How interesting that I should come across your website and that you & other beloved brethren are dwelling in togetherness. I bless the name of the Lord for what you are doing in the body of Christ. It is wonderful to see men and women of God stand firm in faith and declare the message of Jesus Christ.

My name is Isaac married to Emily. We are working in the body of Christ Family we meet in Home relationship in Kenya East Africa. I was greatly touched and ministered to when I came a cross your Ministry page. God bless you greatly for obeying his Voice to minister this kind of healing to the Body of Christ.

I want to encourage you both to continue to re-discover your true identities and walk this earth reflecting the Love of Christ. Life is but a journey…. that leads us back into the Father heart of God. Don’t let religious concepts stand in the way of TRUTH…. for the doctrine of men only lead to certain death but relationship with the Father leads to a NEW & LIVING way. Jesus said ” my words are SPIRIT & LIFE ” Let the Spirit guide and teach you in all HIS ways. The world is looking for something….. we have what they are looking for. I’m not talking about getting them “saved” no, no, no, but rather they have an encounter with the ONE who Loves them from before the foundations of this known world. That of course is the Christ in us ! ( not just us but to every person on this earth who is born of a woman ) There are no laws, rules, or regulations to follow for it is written on our hearts. Jesus came to set us free from the law of sin & death. Beloved you are FREE indeed.

Would you please pray with us about the possibility of Coming to Africa some day if the Lord allows and may be do some ministry in this area? We have several Church us Family New Testament Church relationship in Kenya pray that one day the lord may send you to come and strengthen our Family relationship with what God has put in you for the glory of the body of Christ. Please pray and see if the Lord leads. My heart has been to unite the friends and families for the love of Christ, as the bible says in Luke 10. I believe the dream of Jesus as in John 17 was to see the strong relationship united and show the world that we are one..

May God bless you as we continue praying for you and looking forward to hearing from you.

God bless you and keep you.

Yours in Christ.
Isaac & Emily

15 08 2013
ED Palmes

hi im ed palmes from Dumangas. Iloilo. Hows Boots Nacua?. . Im expecting him and Molong Nacua to come here in Iloilo. Im in Zamora ST. Dumangas Iloilo…

28 10 2013

Please visit our website to, we are house church.

17 11 2013

hi peter, yes I would receive it if you send it western union. we have lots of agency here…
take note, western union offers it free of charge to send it to my country, for typhoon purposes.

10 04 2017

Hi, thanks for the site. Do you know of any online resources in Filipino dialects for a friend in Davao who is interested learning more about simple/organic church? Thanks, Simon

1 09 2017

he can just be friend to any filipino and start a conversation to learn our dialect

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