discipleSHIFT: Intentional-Relational Discipleship

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Follow their Way of Life

A quick summary of what Life is in the early church, it is where Christians lived together 'from house to house,' sharing everything in common (except our wives and money - money is always sacrificial giving and voluntary), no buying and no selling, they only give and...

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The Call to Deny

Many of us are having a hard time obeying God not because we're not willing to do them but because we're not willing to leave behind what He wants us to leave. We just loved to "add" His stuff to what we already have, therefore "subtract." I told a friend who's a...

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Part one: On Hearing God’s Voice, A story

“I have started doing that.” Peter affirmed me when I said that seeing his mother at his house is God’s Will. Peter and I have been discussing the other day about hearing God’s voice. And when he learned about some simple steps or ideas “how” he simply took it with...

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A baptism and a dream…

“Why Jesus says, ‘Seek first the kingdom’” I ask John, a conscious young man in his 20’s , "and didn’t say ‘Seek first the King’?” Without hesitation he quickly reply “Because it is where the King is found.” I was surprised how he got that revelation. Of course, The...

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Make followers, not leaders

We are commanded to 'make followers' not 'train leaders.' When Peter ask Jesus about being a 'follower,' what he's got is a simple answer 'You follow Me.' (Jn.21:15-22). 'Equipping' is developing people learn how to serve, as in the command to 'serve one another.'...

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On worship…

While driving Albert and I saw this church building in the highway "Modern New Testament Church" and I said to myself while Albert is listening "What? Is there such thing as 'modern' NT Church? How does that look like today?" And Albert saw another wordings, (it is...

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Making disciples: answering questions 3 

I want to go on first on some important points of making disciples. As I said, how quick and slow you are in making a person into a disciple depends on your understanding of making disciples. Like one thinks is a long process, even a lifetime because he is thinking...

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Making disciples: Answering questions 2

How we make disciples 2 - Baptism A disciple is one who decided to follow Christ and be a part of His kingdom. How to make him decide depends on how we understand making disciples. How to make him decide depends on how we understand making disciples. Jesus has the...

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Make Disciples: Answering Questions 1

How we make disciples as quick as six minutes? For those of you who read my blogs about actual making of a person into a disciple I owe you some explanations. Some of you may wonder ‘why’ we make disciples in 5-8 minutes. And yes, baptism in water is already included...

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There is another kind of 'church meeting.' It's Hebrews 10:24-25. It's a kind of meeting that came out of relationship. It is the by-product of our relationships. It's guilt-free. "Is Monday night fine with you?" A brother ask. "No. Tuesday would be fine" was the...

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My name is Molong Nacua and I live with my lovely wife Lisa on the beautiful island of Cebu in the center of The Philippines. My heart is to be used by the power of the Holy Spirit to build a network of Apostolic Hubs for Jesus in my country.

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