Keeping records with what we spent the money for specially to help typhoon victims in my province is not my gift. So I gave that job out to one of the disciples here named Arlen, she's Albert's sister then who lived among us. One night, I told her what I want her to...

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How we help…

Love may be unconditional, it is. But don't give it irresponsibly. When we help needy saints around, say like giving packs of rices, we give it to them unconditionally. Every family receives their share of benefits. Everyone is happy as the ekklesia meets their needs....

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Shifting from Church needs to People’s needs

I remember when Jomie and I dropping by to see an extended family. Sitting beside an elderly lady having a conversation asking and answering questions. And to cut the story short, before we left we bought her some medicines for her kidney maintenance and a dozen of...

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Some Practical Actions

Here is how we meet needs: First, we decide if the need is urgent or not, like emergencies. If this is the case, we don't hesitate to help. If it's not urgent, we ask 'who' is this person and who is asking us to help. Are they saints? Unbeliever? Our priority is the...

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Finances and Making Disciples

Making disciples is costly. Yes that means money. But to say that making disciples is dependent on money then that's different. (And that's not how we function here.) One is dependent on your attitude towards the Great Commission and the other is a total obedience to...

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House Projects Update!

Bills of Materials in US$ per house in Phase One: Structure and Roofing Days it takes to build one house 4 days (depends on weather conditions) Woods from fallen coconut trees for house structure size 8ft by 16ft $4.76 per fallen/damage coconut X 8 trees = $38.09 6...

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Welcome to our website

My name is Molong Nacua and I live with my lovely wife Lisa on the beautiful island of Cebu in the center of The Philippines. My heart is to be used by the power of the Holy Spirit to build a network of Apostolic Hubs for Jesus in my country.

Please stay and explore.


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