Church is About People


It’s not about where or when we meet but how we live.

An Apostolic Hub...

Is where the spirit of gathering, discipling & sending of disciples is made.

Church Is All About Relationships.


Nothing more. Nothing less.

Nothing else.

Church Is Family.

 And families don’t do meetings.

They just meet a lot.

A Child In An Orphanage Is An Orphan

But an orphan in the family is a child.

Making Disciples Conversations

"I just want to find out so I want to ask about what you're doing regarding making disciples in Cebu. Now that it has reached up to the 14th degree in 4 years time, what is the biggest obstacle that you encountered?" In front of some pastors and saints at the house,...

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Housechurch: What is it Really?

A simple, organic, house church is not 15-20 people dropping to see each others faces once-twice a week in someone else's house over a cup of tea with cookies or a meal doing bible study 'meetings' complete with praise and worship and prayers. Nothing wrong with that...

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On forgiveness

You call a situation an 'experience' if you only learn from it. A journey of which your life grows... "If someone says to you you're a horse, ignore it. If two people calls you a horse, look for a tail. If three people calling you a horse, get inside the cradle!" This...

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Part 2: Hearing God’s Voice, a practice

"Wait a minute,” this new-found friend named Tony interrupted me as I was sharing my story, “when you say ‘God told me’ did you really hear His voice?” Many eof us are having a hard time hearing God. We ask questions like “how would I know that what I’ve heard is of...

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Part one: On Hearing God’s Voice, A story

“I have started doing that.” Peter affirmed me when I said that seeing his mother at his house is God’s Will. Peter and I have been discussing the other day about hearing God’s voice. And when he learned about some simple steps or ideas “how” he simply took it with...

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Shifting from Church needs to People’s needs

I remember when Jomie and I dropping by to see an extended family. Sitting beside an elderly lady having a conversation asking and answering questions. And to cut the story short, before we left we bought her some medicines for her kidney maintenance and a dozen of...

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Some Practical Actions

Here is how we meet needs: First, we decide if the need is urgent or not, like emergencies. If this is the case, we don't hesitate to help. If it's not urgent, we ask 'who' is this person and who is asking us to help. Are they saints? Unbeliever? Our priority is the...

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Finances and Making Disciples

Making disciples is costly. Yes that means money. But to say that making disciples is dependent on money then that's different. (And that's not how we function here.) One is dependent on your attitude towards the Great Commission and the other is a total obedience to...

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